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Wilds unveils rare coloured gem collection

25 December 2018

Mozambique ruby and diamond earrings by Wilds Co Ltd

Paraiba tourmaline and diamond ring


Gemstone specialist and fine jeweller Wilds Co Ltd shone the spotlight on an exceptional selection of coloured gemstone jewellery pieces at a private event in Hong Kong.

The event, held in November, was aimed at enticing buyers and collectors to discover the beauty of investment-quality gemstones.

Among the highlights of the event are jewellery sets adorned with the beloved Paraiba tourmaline with diamonds as well as classic pieces embellished with sapphires and rubies.

“It takes a few years to collect a set of unheated pigeon’s blood Mozambique rubies of more than 70 carats as well as over 80 carats of unheated pigeon’s blood Burmese ruby set,” the company said.

The event was attended by various dealers and collectors from Asia and Europe. "We are extremely satisfied with the results," noted Wilds.