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Wallace Chan captivates at TEFAF Maastricht

19 March 2019

The Wheel of Time

Butterfly Nebula


Wallace Chan


Renowned jewellery artist Wallace Chan is presenting some of his most celebrated creations at TEFAF Maastricht in the Netherlands until March 24.

Around 30 of Chan’s outstanding jewellery pieces and sculptures are on view, including The Wheel of Time, a series of twelve necklaces corresponding to the Chinese zodiac; Butterfly Nebula, a pair of brooches depicting butterfly men living on the imaginary butterfly planet; and Hera, a transformable peacock brooch.

Hera is one of the four pieces made of titanium and the Wallace Chan Porcelain, an innovative material that is said to be five times stronger than steel.

Chan commented, “The TEFAF presentation offers a preview of my porcelain creations, including ‘A New Generation,’ the very first piece I created using the Wallace Chan Porcelain. The result of seven years of research, the Wallace Chan Porcelain gives me a lot of creative freedom in terms of aesthetic forms and functional parts. Married together with titanium, this innovative material marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life.”

In January, Chan held a solo exhibition titled Shapeshifter: The Multiverse of Wallace Chan at Christie’s Gallery in Hong Kong.