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JNA Awards aids handicapped children in China

14 May 2019

Children attend a theatre workshop in Hunan


The JNA Awards is supporting a project for handicapped children in China that aims to offer them a platform to express themselves through the arts and ultimately help them integrate better into the community.

The Awards, Asia’s most prestigious awards for the jewellery and gemstone industry, made a donation that will benefit Hunan Aimier’s inclusive theatre project for two years, starting in 2019. The project is also aimed at raising public awareness for physically and mentally handicapped children.

Organised by Informa Markets and founded in 2012, JNA Awards is not only dedicated to recognising and celebrating best business practices and innovations in the jewellery and gemstone trade, but also advocates sustainable development and upholds corporate social responsibility. Supporting Aimier’s theatre project is the first of JNA Awards’ initiatives for supporting underprivileged and underserved groups.

Hunan Aimier was founded in 1999 as the first professional social service organisation in Hunan, China. It currently runs seven centres that cover the provinces of Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi. Hunan Aimier, whose ultimate goal is to build an inclusive society full of care and hope, aims to help underprivileged individuals and families overcome their daily challenges by following the principle of “serving with love to create value.”

Inclusive theatre, which traces its roots to the United Kingdom, is a platform that connects individuals who are regarded as underprivileged and vulnerable in conventional society for various reasons. First introduced in China in 2012 by Hunan Aimier in cooperation with United Kingdom-based Chickenshed Theatre Group, the theatre workshop empowers both disabled and ordinary children to cooperate, learn and demonstrate their ability and talents together on stage. The three-year programme was also designed so that all children can express their individuality through drama, which will hopefully pave the way towards a truly inclusive and harmonious society.

Letitia Chow, chairperson of the JNA Awards and director of Business Development - Jewellery Group at Informa Markets remarked, “Informa Markets is a strong supporter of cultivating corporate social responsibility. We hope that we can set an example through this initiative so that the jewellery trade would be made more aware of these children with special needs and to support them in their own way. Hence, they can learn and grow in a supportive environment and can be better integrated into the society.”

Hunan Aimier commented, “There is always a lack in resources for providing support to these disabled children. Inclusive theatre not only serves as a platform for them to learn and to develop their talents, but also allows ordinary children to meet with people from different backgrounds at a young age. In the long run, it will be greatly beneficial to building an inclusive and tolerant community. We are grateful for the support from JNA Awards, which allows us to run the project for two years. We wish to establish a permanent inclusive theatre in China in the near future, and to allow these children to shine on the world stage.”

JNA Awards 2019 is supported by Headline Partners Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, and DANAT, together with Honoured Partners KGK Group, China Gems and Jade Exchange, and Guangdong Land Holdings Ltd.