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IDE reveals natural diamond campaign

3 July 2019


The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has unveiled a global awareness campaign to highlight the exceptional features of natural diamonds. 

The campaign consists of several short videos to be released over the next several weeks and promoted through social media. The campaign tells the story of the natural diamond; its singularity, astounding beauty, natural creation, geological age and immeasurable valuem according to IDE. The videos end with the tag line “I love natural diamonds.”

Israel is the first global diamond centre to introduce an international campaign aimed at differentiating natural diamonds from lab-grown and other synthetic stones, noted the exchange. The initiative was announced earlier at the World Federation of Diamond Bourses Executive Committee Conference in Israel, which brought together the heads of 14 diamond bourses from around the globe.

IDE President Yoram Dvash commented, “At a time when counterfeit products and fake reproductions flood almost every market, few commodities remain as rare and exceptional as natural diamonds. In this campaign we want to highlight the exceptional qualities of natural diamonds, as symbols of love and timelessness over the generations and throughout the world.”