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Banglemaster 12-axis full CNC machine
- 12 total moving axis
- 50.000rpm 2.8kw ATC heavy duty spindle
- 2 x 360 degree horizontal diamond cut and background head
- Hammering head
- Banglemaster controller software
- Mitsubishi motion control
- Automatic tool changer (Standard 5 / Optional 10)
- Optional surface scanner
- Ring and bangle attachments
- Ring and bangle collets
- Works on flat objects, pendants etc
- Works on SQUARE rings and bangles
- Works on irregular rings and bangles: HEXAGONAL, OCTAGONAL
- Software updates for flat and irregular shapes

MOQ : 1
Unit Price (US$) : 90000.00
Lead Time : 5 – 7 weeks


Bulunmaz Jewellery

Bulunmaz Diamond Tools is world's leading manufacturer, wholesaller and developer of diamond tools, CNC and surface tooling technologies and related products. The range of products includes CNC diamond tools and surface tools, machine tools for posalux machines, flywheel tools for hand design and related products. Bulunmaz Diamond Tools follows the new technologies and always offer you new tools. You can follow our products on world's leading jewellery shows including Vicenza, Istanbul, Basel, Moscow and Hong Kong shows.

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