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Pendent Stand/Metal
Providing the best surrounding for your jewelry is of utmost importance since it gives the best view of your elegant products to your customers.

Boost the allure of your pendent with one-of-a-kind ornament displays. These stands are ideal for use in retails stores or in your own home.

MOQ : 100
Unit Price (US$) : 15.00
Lead Time : 5 – 7 weeks
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Chung Ngai Industrial Corp Ltd

Chung Ngai Manufacturing Factory Limited has over 50 years of experience in tooling and plastic molding. We possess leading-edge technology, resources and experiences coupled with top of class factory facilities. We provide a one-stop manufacturing service with complete engineering solutions from designing, molding, producing packaging, and delivering. We also have an independent sales department that provides sales inquiries and quotes. We strive for providing the highest level of quality and service to our valuable customers.

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