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Futurgem Srl

Cesari & Rinaldi Gemmai - Futurgem Group -, is an italian family company lapidaries, founded almost 40 years ago, specialized in high level quality custom made production in colored gemstones -hard stones, semi precious stones and precious- .  

Our factories are able to provide a technical development n order to cut respecting +/-0.04 tolerances in hard stones, like for example: pink opal, mop, turquoise, coral, calcedony, onyx, cornaline, malachite.
We provide the same high quality cut also for high jewellery pieces. From rough to cut, the Masterpiece and Production Gems, are submitted to C&R strict quality control, in order to respond to customer’s tolerance requests.

Technique and research, at the service of outstanding collaborations with the world's leading jewellery designers and brands. The Company works with the most important Italian and foreign manufacturers and is considered a pioneer in its product proposal. The collections of every client are followed and protected in full respect of their distinctive uniqueness. The C&R team follows clients personally, and is at their service for style research, for both product feasibility and production.

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