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Global Gems (Pvt) Ltd

Global Gems, a family owned business enterprise with over 30 years of experience . Based out of Sri Lanka , Global Gems has expended internationally– with operations both in Asia in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok, Japan and China, as well as connections as far afield as Germany, The United States, Madagascar and Tanzania. A member of the International Colored Gem Stone Association, the company has built upon its mission of providing exceptional quality stones to all customers, by building both a strong network internationally as well as locally.

Specializing in the sourcing, acquiring, polishing, cutting and finishing of a wide variety of gems – Global Gems is dedicated to providing customers with the authenticated gem stones of the highest quality, to ensure that each precious stone used reflects the highest standards.

Best known for providing the highest quality Sri Lankan stones such as Sapphires, Topaz, Ruby and Moonstones, Global Gems is also known for sourcing specific stones for customers on request. The company’s global ties facilitate sourcing and providing these specialty stones, while ensuring that the stones meet all international quality standards. In addition to the provision of all the necessary certification on the origin and authenticity of the stone, Global Gems also offers a buy back option in the event that customers are not 100% satisfied, illustrating its commitment to its customers.

Global Gems’ irrefutable reputation over the last 30 years for providing each customer with trusted quality and certified stones is also backed by certification by the Gem Research Swiss Lab – further reassuring customer that their purchases are ethically sourced and lovingly cared for.

By Selecting Global Gems as the right choice for both rough stones as well as cut and polished stones, customers are assured of the efficient service and undivided attention of the well trained Global Gems staff. The company’s years of experience and close associations with international mining industries makes it possible to not only offer the highest standard stones but also the best practices implemented worldwide – putting Global Gems head and shoulders above local competitors.

Our Certifications

The private gemmological research company GRS (GRS Gemresearch Swisslab AG) strives for new dimensions in gemmological research in taking advantage of the newly established strong ties to academic research.

GIA's mission is to ensure the public trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, and professionalism through education, research, laboratory services, and instrument development.

The origins of the Gubelin Gem Lab go back to the early part of the 19th century. In the 1920s, the Gubelin Company, a firm that had been specialising in high-end jewellery since the 1850s, recognised the need for a broad and well-founded knowledge of the gemstones it was mounting in its own items of jewellery. The laboratory’s standard of excellence and tireless devotion to the science of gemmology soon came to be rewarded with international esteem and recognition.

From time immemorial Sri Lanka has had a sparkling reputation for highly treasured gems. Sri Lanka’s mineral rich soils have been yielding a seemingly never ending supply of high quality precious and semi precious gem stones such as Sapphires, Star Sapphire, Rubies, Star Rubies, Alexandrites, Cat’s eyes, Garnets, Zircons, Tourmalines and Spinels. The gem industry in Sri Lanka is of great antiquity. Reference is made in the scriptures to gems being brought from Ceylon to the Court of Solomon. It is also said that ages ago Arab adventurers came to Ceylon in search of this. The Mahavansa, the great historical chronicle of Ceylon whose authority is undoubted, refers, to the singular reputation of this Island for it’s wealth in gems.

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