Electroplating solutions for Precious Metals
ORION GF/P Gold Flash Plating

This alkaline classical electroplating process, working with a blend of inorganic and
organic chemical additives is applied in the decorative fields.

This kind of bath giving glossy films at 22-24 karat, thanks its initial form as mixture of salts allows great advantages:

- High technical fine small make-up pack make shipping and handling easy everywhere
- Extremely easy to set up the baths, even with basic equipment
- Excellent constancy of deposited colour
- Varies choice of gold colour
- Easy to manage and control

The new concept of OROF-P (PSB/ECO-FORM) process in decorative field (bijouterie,
watch, spectacle frames, silverware, etc...) as gold plating processes is “mix n’match” it
means, versatility , fast and easy operation, wide range of colors, from classical NIHS
03-50 Swiss standards and many others custom versions, from pale gold to Old English
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Orion Incorporation Ltd

Orion Incorporation Limited supplies precious metal electroplating solution. Our best seller Zero Rhodium electroplating solution are in both bath and pen plating. We supply in 100ml bottles for 1g, 2g and 5g concentration. Our rich technical background and well experienced technicians provide full support of your electroplating needs. We offers standard gold colour electroplating in powder and gelatine form which enhance ease of transportation. Another welcomed product of ours is the enamel system which assist our satified client to produce unique high competitve products. Not to count our electroplating kit and professional equipment for clients from small scale to large operation needs.
Please come to us for more details.

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