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Custom jewelery box case P180503
We have good box size fit for:
- Ring
- Earring
- Pendant
- Necklace
- Shopping bag
Please contact us for more details.

MOQ : 500
Unit Price (US$) : 0.00
Lead Time : 3 – 4 weeks
  • #Cardboard


Pack One Manufacturer Ltd

Pack One has been devoting into an ideal one full stop packaging soultion and one partner for the developement, design, production & after service. We listen and discuss with you to create something based with your branding and your culture combine with our best professions into a tailor made packaging. Our expertise over 11 years makes Pack One a youth, creative, engentic team to provide packaging collection include an an extensive selection of fine quality presentation watch boxes, luxury Jewellery boxes, packaging boxes and other customized OEM wood products, the ECO - friendly fabric and paper has been widely apply during design throughout production.

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