Equipment and Supplies

Jewellery Production Equipment and Supplies
Jewelry Casting Equipment,Jewellery Production Machine
Professional manufacturer and exporter for the following jewelry production equipment since 2005:

I.Digital Vacuum Pressure Suction Casting Machine (VIC-2)
II.Wax Injection Machine Series:
1) Vacuum Wax Injector (Ordinary)
2) Vacuum Wax Injector (Elite)
3) Vacuum Digital Wax Injector (Advance)
4) Vacuum Digital Wax Injector (Brilliant)
5) Vacuum Digital Wax Injector (Axis)
Auto Clamp of Wax Injector (Clamp Unit)
III.Medium Frequency Melting Machine For Gold, Silver, Platinum, Brass, Alloy etc (Melting Furnace,Three Phase, Melting capacity 2.1KG-15KG)
IV.Desktop Melting Machine (Single Phase, Melting capacity 1KG-2KG)
V.Maintenance service for imported jewellery processing machines and upgrading service for second hand jewellery production equipment since 2002.


Sanei Jewellery Machinery Co Ltd

Sanei Jewellery Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of digital vacuum pressure casting machine, digital vacuum wax injector, three phase melting machine for gold, silver, platinum, copper, alloy etc, and single phase desktop melting machine. We also provide maintenance service for imported jewelry processing machines and upgrading service for second hand jewelry processing machines since 2002. We have gained high reputation in jewelry processing industry for many years. Please write or call us for any further information. Thanks. (SANEI - JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY)

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