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Sheru Gems

We are the manufacturers and wholesalers of Zambian and Brazilian Emeralds. We have been doing this business and supplying all over the world with full factory setup in Jaipur, since 1998. Our business is to buy rough from Zambia and Brazil, finish in Jaipur factory and then to export to all over the world. Now, we have open an office in Hong Kong as a Head Marketing branch for Far-East sector. Our company name in Hong Kong is LRS GEMS LTD. We keep full stock in calibrations and free size cut stones and cabochons up to 15 carat sizes in ovals, octagonal and pear shapes. We are more concentrating in the better quality goods i.e. from $500/carat to $10,000/carat (in big sizes), from $50/carat to $1,000/carat (in calibrated sizes) & from 100/carat to 1,000/carat (in cabochons). Also we keep better quality in beads necklace from 100/carat to 1,000/carat.

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