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Stuller Findings and Mountings
Findings are our foundation. And today, we are proud to offer the largest, most comprehensive selection of findings available under one roof, most of them manufactured within our Louisiana headquarters.

Cast or die-struck with precision, our mountings are available in several metal qualities, including our own proprietary metals. They spark design ideas, embody customer’s aspirations, and provide the perfect setting for any diamond or gemstone.

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Stuller Inc

Stuller started in 1970 when one young jewelry entrepreneur embarked on a single mission: to provide exceptional experiences that were easy, fast, and reliable — every time. Each day, our team of engineers, bench jewelers, technologists, and other experts work to make our customers the hero, advance the jewelry industry, and be ready when things go awry. With our five operations — three in North America; one in Barcelona, Spain; and one in Bangkok, Thailand — we provide more than 200,000 products, next-day delivery, and all the services a jewelry professional needs for success. While we may have evolved in the past five decades, we’ve maintained our superb customer service by keeping sight of our main focus: jewelers. We are Stuller. And we are always here for you.

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