Packaging/ Display

Packaging/ Display
Metal Jewelry Display Stand
DO038、DO037、DR162、DN094、DE067 Metal Display Stand
Product No.:DO038 Metal Stand Base (Low)
DO037 Metal Stand Base (High)
DR162 Metal Stand Base+ring stand
DN094 Metal Stand Base+pendant stand
DE067 Metal Stand Base+earring stand

Material&Color:Metal, White PU
Illustration:Display Stand
【Material option】Pigpel、Suede、Thai Silk、Fabric、Leatherette


Production will be proceeded after placing the order.
Customization. MOQ (minimum order quantity) is required.
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Sunrise International Package Co Ltd

Sunrise Package & Design Co., Ltd. has been in the jewelry window display and jewelry packaging industry around 30 years.

As a leading company in Taiwan, we emphasize the quality a lot and that’s the reason why we can earn lots of branding clients’’ trust and honorably become their reliable long-term partner. We also extend our business to world- wide basis since 1998, and build stable steps to become a world- wide packaging design manufacturer for the enhancement of a variety of merchandise including jewelry, watch and life-style products.

As a full-service system-provider, we ensure that the final product reflects our customer's brand

"We don't satisfy until you do, we are not successful until you are. "

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