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AURUNA® 3407 EF-24
AURUNA® 3407 EF is cyanide free and mainly used for electroforming with wax and metal cores. The electrolyte allows to produce high-quality hollow jewellery with thick gold layers between 150 and 200 micrometer on mandrels made conductive.

The layers have an excellent hardness up to 160 HV and a fineness of 99.9 percent. Therefore, the produced pieces are very stable in use. The surfaces are semi-bright and show good quality. They can easily be polished as well as soldered.

The electrolyte convinces user dues to an additional surplus. It does not contain any toxic additives as grain refiners like arsenic, thallium or lead.

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Umicore Galvanotechnik GmbH

We work worldwide and are among the leading suppliers of precious metal electrolytes and special processes for electroplating. We develop, manufacture and sell on a global scale precious metal and base metal electrolytes, precious metal components, dimensional stabile anodes and platinum coatings.

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