Interchangable Gemstone Bangle in Silver & Gold
Interchangable Gemstone Bangle in Silver & Gold


Amethyst Kingdom Company Ltd

Amethyst Kingdom (AK)  is an experienced member in gemstones & jewellery for over 20yrs since 1994.

We specialize with high-polish 925 silver jewelry with 14K/18K real gold elements.  

We offer both casting and handmade jewelry, including interchangable jewelry (bangle/ ring/ earrings/ pendant),  twisted rope style silver bangle & jewlry set,  stylish men & unisex jewelry,  safety-focus child jewelry etc.  

We can master different techniques and willing to explore new ones with clients to meet their specific market needs, such as oxidized jewelry,  enamel paint & inlay gemstones & MOP shell,  fancy cut gemstones and making doublet & triplet gemstones,  stretched gemstone bead bracelet etc.

We provide various kinds of Gemstones products such as strands, loose beads & cut, carving, and display / collective items such as gemstone clusters,  points & ball, Geodes etc. New materals introduction as Iron-Nickel Meteorite & Modalvite jewelry.

We offer different types of gemstones, from opaque to colorful translucent, from standard shap cut to tailor-made / one-of-a-kind format.  

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