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Tahitian Loose Pearls
We carry a large variety of South Sea Loose Pearls and Tahitian Loose Pearls in various colors and sizes.


Asia Pearl Japan Ltd

Asia Pearl Japan Ltd has been in the business of cultured pearls since its founding in Kobe, Japan in 1956. A family-owned enterprise, the company has continued to grow as an export-driven distributor of cultured pearls to various markets around the world.

Having started with the manufacturing of Japanese akoya pearls, the company then diversified into Chinese freshwater pearls and hemispherical mabes, before specializing in Southsea and Tahitian pearls. We continue to manufacture and operate in Kobe, Japan, a historically important trading hub for cultured pearls.

Sourced from various pearl farms, our Southsea and Tahitian selection includes a full range of qualities, shapes, and sizes. This allows the wholesaling of our products to all markets globally, from semi-wholesalers to manufacturers to retailers per their individual requirements.

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