999 3D Hard Gold With adjustable Bracelet
It is a kind of Lucky Animal in ancient China. The feng shui scholars in ancient China believed that PIXIU able to turn to be lucky from the bad. Chinese tradition has the custom of decorating PIXIU, which is rich in meaning, and people believe that it can bring joy and good luck. From ancient times to the present, up to the emperor, down to the people are extremely focused on collecting and wearing PIXIU, the legendary PIXIU in addition to the good luck, fright to evil spirits, as well as the role of marriage.
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Charming Jewellery Ltd

Charming Jewellery was formed in the year of 2005. We are an outstanding strength manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter. Our principles are honesty, to provide fine service and to provide the competitive price. In the past years, we obtained excellent prestige from our customers over the world.

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