天然寶石珊瑚 Natural Coral Gemstone


Chii Lih Coral Co Ltd

Founded in 1973, Chii Lih Coral has evolved from a traditional manufacturer to a full fledged global jewelry corporation. In addition to our manufacturing plants, Chii Lih Coral has also established sales channels in Italy, United States, India and Hong Kong, Las Vegas, New York, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Tucson.

With over 40 years of experience, Chii Lih Coral holds strong principles of integrity, persisting of provide earnest and sincere services on a fine selection of genuine jewelry. As a vertically integrated firm, Chii Lih Coral is able to offer superior jewelry pieces at competitive prices. Her business include the direct sourcing of raw materials, the designing and manufacturing of semi-finished and ready-to-wear jewelry pieces.

Being a distinguished wholesaler, Chii Lih Coral has strived to share her fascination of fine jewelry by providing an exquisite, yet affordable, collection to all customers who admire the undisguised beauty of natural gemstones.

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