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Jewellery Production Equipment and Supplies
Gravograph computerised engraving machine


Chan Kwong Kee (HK) Company Limited

Chan Kwong Kee (HK) Co Ltd is a Hong Kong based import & export firm serving the industry for over 100 years.
The company specializes in sourcing good quality tools, equipment, materials, findings and packaging for jewelers and providing them with competitive prices as well as consultation services based on its outstanding history and experiences to satisfy every customer needs in every aspect.
The company wholesales more than 8,000 items used for electroplating, polishing, cutting, soldering, stamping, engraving, refining, measuring, stone setting, cleaning, wax carving, casting and melting, packaging, window display etc.
Together with total of 130 employees in Asia, the company would like to contribute to the greatest success with its customers this year.

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