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#472 18K 白金鑽石南洋珠吊墜

MOQ : 1
Unit Price (US$) : 1220.00
Lead Time : Within 2 weeks
  • #Off-Round
  • #White
  • #AAA/ A
  • #10 mm - 16 mm


Eastern Pearl Company Limited

Eastern Pearl Company is a leading Fresh Water Pearl wholesaler and exporter to worldwide customer. Our main production is carried out in the Mainland China where it sets up its own factory. The company collaborates on the fresh water pearl industry with plant in Jiangsu to offer efficient production, with a good team of skillful workers.

With the accumulation of experience and efforts, the cultivation techniques have been gradually improved, and there are a number of breakthroughs in the processing, such as bleaching, polishing and stringing.

With over 10 years of experience in the business, we possess a distinctive position with unbeatable high quality, low prices and diversity in product range:from Round, Rice, Button, Biwa, Baroque to coin and square shapes in multifarious colors and sizes, both on Loose and strand.

We are also targeting to release finished pearl jewellery in the coming future. We look forward to seeing everyone of you soon.

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