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Heraeus Limited

Heraeus Ltd. in Hong Kong is a member of the Heraeus Group with advanced German technology and hi-tech products, available for different industries. We have a tradition of over 20 years in refining and manufacturing precious metal products. We own an area of 72,000sq. ft at the Heraeus Technology Centre in Fanling and also have a sales office in Hunghom. We are the local leader in the processing and refining of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) from jewelry scrap, industrial scrap in metallic or solution form and dore material. Precious metals recovered are converted to bullion products (purity up to 99.99% in bars or grain form), electroplating chemicals such as Potassium Gold Cyanide, Potassium Silver Cyanide, Platinum and Palladium salts which are used in the electronic, jewelry, electroforming and electroplating industry. Master Alloys, Karat Gold Alloys and Platinum Alloys complete our full range of products for the jewelry industry.

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