K K Gems Trading Co

K. K. gems Trading co. is the part of multi business K.K. Group. Since 1988 M/S K.K. Gems Trading Co. is doing business of Import, Manufacturing, wholesaling and export of precious and semiprecious stones. K.K. Gems is situated in the gems capital of the world, the pink city, Jaipur. The company is specialized in mainly Emeralds. The company has a state of art manufacturing unit in that we cut and polish stones by latest technology machines. Our manufacturing unit have skilled cutters and polishers specially trained to control the quality and making of the stones. Each and every stone being checked through a particular channel during the manufacturing process. Our specialization is in big sizes as well as all calibration sizes of medium to good quality of emeralds. We cut all shapes as well as cabochons, carvings, fancy shapes, beads and drops. We ourselves import the raw material from Africa and Brazil and ready cut stones from the factories of Thailand. We stock all calibrated sizes as well as big sizes of Rubies and Sapphires as we are direct importers from the factories we can supply the goods in competitive prices K.K. Gems trading co is also exporting gold and silver jewellery on order basis. The motive of the company is to supply the goods as perfect as a piece of jewellery should be within the price range that could compete in today’s competitive market. As the company is having manufacturing process of stones in its own hands that way company is able to supply the jewellery in competitive

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