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Star Creations International Ltd

SCI is a jewellery factory with an affiliated design agency and outsourcing agency. We regard ourselves as a manufacturing service provider for any jewellery demand and problem. Founded in 2005, SCI belongs to the Rauschmayer Group, which has been successfully active in the jewel-lery sector since 1962 with reliability and high standards of quality for international customers. SCI is an owner and family-run company in its second generation, with Rico Roland Rauschmayer at the head of a team of administration and production staff which is unique in China and has been with the company for many years. Several hundred pairs of hands provide our customers with comprehensive support. In order to ensure that we have the best experts and that they stay with the company for a long time, we pay above-average wages in comparison with the rest of the sector. We have all the necessary licences for manufacturing jewellery (approx. 25 in total), have received positive results in a number of independent and key account audits, and have exemplary occupational safety and social security benefits, as well as modern and efficient product facilities. You can see all this for your-self during a visit to China with a factory visit – airport pick-up, accommodation and a traditional Chinese evening meal included! At SCI, we can discuss your requirements in a number of languages: Chinese, German, English and Spanish are our native languages. For our European customers, we have a branch in Pforzheim for customer service and design.

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