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Foredom #20 Handpiece
The affordable Foredom® H.20® is ideal for close-in, precision jewelry work such as prong-setting or seat-cutting. Designed with ergonomic, slim grips for comfortable handling, the tapered sides give users an easy-to control, almost pencil-like hold. Change out burs in seconds by swinging the release lever 90°, removing and replacing the bur, then swinging the lever backward or forward to secure the new bur.

MOQ : 1
Unit Price (US$) : 95.00
Lead Time : Within 2 weeks


Wing Wo Hong Industrial Products Ltd

Wing Wo Hong Industrial Products Limited established in 1954. Our aim is to provide our customers with quality equipment and supplies. Most of the products we carry are imported from the USA, Europe and Japan. We cover all equipment for casting, stone setting, cleaning, plating, polishing, soldering and surface finishing. With our knowledgeable and experienced staffs, we can offer the most suitable equipment and supplies to fulfill your day-to-day manufacturing need.

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