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Issue#417, Sep 2019

US-China trade row: Testing the mettle of jewellers

Opinions vary among gem and jewellery industry players on the effects of the US-China trade dispute. Some companies downplayed its significance on the business while others called for reforms to support inroads in other markets.



Glowing opportunities in the coloured gem sector

Business prospects abound in the coloured gemstone industry, thanks to sustained consumer interest in classic favourites such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds, as well as promising new gem choices.



The timeless glam of Chia Ta Jewellery

The impeccable imperial jadeite, and sapphires and blue chalcedony stones of exceptional quality are just some of the highlights of Chia Ta Jewellery's latest collection. The jewels exude a unique charisma that lures traders and collectors from around the globe.



Grandiose glamour at the September Fair

Thousands of jewellery manufacturers are presenting a curated selection of inspired designs at the 37th edition of the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, the world’s No. 1 fine jewellery event. Scheduled for September 16 to 22, the trade show will be held in two world-class venues: The AsiaWorld-Expo and the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. This feature provides a glimpse into some of the exceptional pieces to be presented at the fair.


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