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Issue#424, Nov 2020

Return & Recovery: Industry eyes promising comeback

Jewellers are pulling out all the stops to navigate challenging business conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic this year. While full recovery is not yet in sight, the industry is adapting to the new normal with agility and resilience, unveiling a host of innovative strategies to sustain momentum.

The digital era of jewellery auctions

Auction houses relied heavily on digital platforms at the height of virus-led restrictions. The market’s response was promising. Homebound clients are now more receptive to online jewellery auctions and are buying more expensive lots. Digital events also resonate more with younger, tech-savvy collectors.

New pearl tech

The Gemological Institute of America and the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF reveal the latest in the science of pearl testing – from new identification techniques to the emerging role of e-commerce in the future of the sector.

The fiery world of Padparadscha sapphires

Padparadscha sapphires have been enjoying a promising turn of late. Since it caught the public’s eye in 2018 as the centre stone of Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring, gem traders have witnessed an uptick in demand for Padparadscha, thanks to growing awareness of its distinctive characteristics.

The art of the cut: The gem revealed

Through meticulous design and precise execution, lapidary masters unveil the inner beauty of the stone, turning it into a vessel of philosophical thought and spiritual narrative. Acclaimed gem cutter Victor Tuzlukov and gem carver Naomi Sarna reveal the thought and creative process behind their works.


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