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Dec 2018

Bright Spots Ahead
Despite challenging times, demand for silver jewellery remained relatively steady in 2018. Industry stakeholders are thus maintaining a cautiously optimistic outlook for 2019. 

Symbolic Delights
Silver jewellery brands resort to design elements drawn from nature, pop culture and tradition to convey personality as they oblige the market’s growing focus on vehicles for self-expression.

Creative Empowerment
Joyful, confident colours that embolden and energise are poised to dominate fashion and jewellery in Spring/Summer 2019, reflecting the desire for authenticity and creativity.


SILVERSTYLES is the only international trade publication for and about the finished silver jewellery industry. The bilingual magazine is published in September. Adopting a lifestyle approach to trade reporting, the publication includes product showcases, articles on supply options, branding and retailing features, and trend reports on fashion and jewellery design.

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