JNA Mar/ Apr 2021

MARKET INTELLIGENCE 38 | JNA Mar/Apr 2021 RUBIES RETAIN SPARKLE AS FAVOURED GEM 紅寶石熱潮不斷 | Isabella Yan | Industry experts weigh in on the highs and lows of the ruby business amid macroeconomic challenges, with coloured gemstone dealers banking on stronger demand in emerging markets, driven by the ruby’s reputation as a legendary gem and store of wealth. 在宏觀經濟面臨種種挑戰的情況下,行內專家暢談紅寶石業務最新狀況。鑑 於紅寶石被譽為傳奇寶石和累積財富的泉源, 彩色寶石經銷商因此非常依賴 它在新興市場上的強勁需求。 3-carat unheated Mozambique ruby by KV Gems KV Gems 的 3 克拉未經加熱莫桑比克紅寶石